A Robust Customer Referral Program For Your Business

Gain new clients while strengthening your existing customer relationships through referral marketing. A satisfied customer is a powerful thing, especially when that customer shares a positive experience with friends and associates. But, how do you ensure you’ll generate this valuable word-of-mouth marketing? By implementing a structured customer referral program you can automate the request for customer referrals, and you can create an incentive to reward both the referrer and referee!  

84% of potential new customers trust the recommendations from people they already know over any other source.

Build a custom-branded referral generation campaign managed by CC Communications

CC Communications’ “Referral Magic” program is a small, and strategic investment to help you quickly convert your existing customers into money-making brand ambassadors who will carry your persuasive sales and marketing messages to many new prospects on your behalf.
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How a strong Referral Program will grow your Business:
    • Build customer loyalty and attract new, pre-qualified customers to your business.
    • Solicit customer referrals via email, SMS text, email, your website and/or from your own brick ‘n mortar location.
    • Present a convenient, one-click referral engagement process, prompting higher offer acceptance rates.
    • Produce a fully customizable referral rewards program. The type of incentive offers is up to you.
    • Include built-in verification to ensure that both the customer and the new prospect receive their incentives on a timely basis.
    • Publicize referral sharing by clients via Facebook, email and other communication channels.
    • Provide insightful campaign analytics within a web and mobile-friendly based dashboard.

To help you start building reviews we are offering 50% OFF the campaign setup.

CC Communications, Inc. is an official OneLocal strategic management partner. Limited Time Offer: 50% off ReferralMagic first-time setup cost of a basic, single-location, four-month renewable campaign.

Monitor & Protect Your Online Reputation

What is being said online about your products and services? How is your business perceived in the marketplace? How can you combat false and derogatory information that could significantly damage your reputation and livelihood? What is your competition’s online image and how would this impact your own marketing plans? CC Communications offers a wide range of effective online reputation monitoring and management services that are customized to fit your unique business needs. A bit of due-diligence, pro-active posting and a carefully crafted strategic plan will protect your company, set it apart from your competitors, and drive new opportunity.
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This offer is available to new customers only. Existing customers, please contact CC Communications for an additional incentive.