How to Handle Crisis Communications for Your Business

Office workers in full crisis mode.
During this trying time as we all adjust to the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) it is essential that you present timely and effective communication to your customers, employees, partners, and investors. With any crisis communication plan, you need to be transparent, honest, and clear about how your businesses is handling the situation. By having a […]

Low Cost LiDAR

Low Cost LiDAR
A shortcoming of a single sensor camera is lack of depth perception. Two objects, at different depths may appear at the same distance in a 2D image. One solution is to add LiDAR to the setup. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has found use in applications from autonomous vehicles to robot vacuum cleaners. LiDARs widespread […]

Computer Vision – Correcting Image Distortion

Computer Vision Camera Calibration
In a perfect world… well, we don’t live in a perfect world. Errors will always creep in. Fortunately, the OpenCV software library has built-in routines for correcting these errors. In this post, we take a look at 2 types of distortion and how to correct for them. Camera/Lens Distortion Cameras and lenses have intrinsic distortion. […]

Intel RealSense 3D Depth Camera SDK Setup for C#

We’re developing a custom computer vision client application to measure the square footage of product as it moves along the production line. The Intel camera produces a 3D point cloud of objects in its field of view which can be used to calculate distance, shape, and size. Intel provides an SDK for their camera but […]