92% of prospective customers check online reviews before making a buying decision.

Manage Your Online Reputation, Generate Customer Reviews, and Gain Valuable Customer Referrals.

Your online reputation, or lack of one, can make or break your business’ ability to attract new prospects as well as retain and upsell existing customers. Two of the most potent influences on your perceived brand value stem from 5-star online reviews and customer referrals. When managed strategically, these critical digital marketing tools can be extremely impactful. CC Communications offers a unique range of highly effective reputation management and pro-active sales and marketing programs designed to help you create new qualified leads and to significantly boost your bottom line.  

How to Generate Online Customer Reviews

Generating and managing online customer reviews can be challenging and time-consuming. Asking clients and customers to rate your good work or to post a positive comment about your products and services can take time and seem like an unwelcome imposition. The key is automation and execution. CC Communications offers an affordable, custom-branded solution called “ReviewEdge.” This review generation program automates the online reputation request process, and ensures only four and five star reviews are published for your business. Better yet, negative comments aren’t posted, but instead routed to customer support for follow up.
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CC Communications’ Online Review Management Service Will Help:

  • Quickly generate new Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and Facebook Reviews.
  • Request feedback from customers when they are most likely to respond favorably.
  • Invite customer feedback by SMS text, email and/or through your website.
  • Present a simple-to-use, one-click convenient feedback response method for your customers.
  • Display positive ratings from all online review platforms on your website.
  • Provide clear campaign analytics within a web and mobile-friendly based dashboard.

With today’s diverse online environment, customers will post their comments about your products and services whether you are ready for it or not. Control the message with our solid online review program.

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Monitor & Protect Your Online Reputation

What is being said online about your products and services? How is your business perceived in the marketplace? How can you combat false and derogatory information that could significantly damage your reputation and livelihood? What is your competition’s online image and how would this impact your own marketing plans? CC Communications offers a wide range of effective online reputation monitoring and management services that are customized to fit your unique business needs. A bit of due-diligence, pro-active posting and a carefully crafted strategic plan will protect your company, set it apart from your competitors, and drive new opportunity.
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