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The rules of SEO marketing are constantly evolving. As search engines become more intelligent and optimized for the semantic web, they’re able to understand the context of your website’s on-page content, and can then best match a search result to the searcher’s intent.

This means tactics once used to boost a website’s presence in the search results no longer necessarily work, and in some cases they can harm you. So, what website improvements should you focus on to improve your website’s search performance?

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When your car isn’t performing well, you have a mechanic look under the hood to run diagnostics. The same goes for your website. CC Communications offers FREE SEO diagnostics to see where your site excels, and where it’s lacking.

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‘I was solicited today by another SEO company. Once they started going through our site, our SEO/PPC plan, our search results, etc., he flat-out said, ‘I don’t say this often, but you don’t need our services. You’ve obviously found a very good SEO company. You’re very fortunate.’

-Lori S.

How to increase the amount of time people spend on your website

More is more – take time to write comprehensive content

Beef up pages on your website with thin content – that is any page with less than 200 words on the page. Having additional text helps build trust with your customer, and provides search engines with better context about your website.

What’s the ideal amount of content for a web page?

The ideal amount of copy on a page would be over 200 words, but writing in-depth, comprehensive content with a minimum of 2,000 words will help you cover all the details your website visitor needs to know, and will help increase the time they spend on your page.

The longer a person spends on a particular webpage the better your “Time on Site” metric, or “dwell time” will improve. It means your site visitors are finding value in the content on your page. If enough people spend a lot of time on a particular page, then it will send an important ranking signal to search engines, and your page will be indexed higher in the results.

Keep content relevant

When you’re writing content keep your end user in mind. What were they searching for that led them to this page? Are you answering their questions? The days of keyword stuffing your content to fool the search engines are over. The bots are smarter than that and so you’re best bet to is to only write content that is relevant to your business and customers.

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