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Our commitment to our customers

CC Communications (CCC) has earned the reputation of providing superior and effective consulting, web design, web programming, online marketing and web-hosting services to thousands of businesses and organizations since we first founded our company in 1994. We put our customers first. Your success is our prime motivator as we continue to create and offer new and proven ways that will benefit our diverse customer base. If you ever encounter a question, problem or issue with our service or policies, we invite you to contact your dedicated account manager or speak directly to one of our three managing owners/partners at any time and we will do our very best to assist you and gain your satisfaction.

The successful creation and implementation of an effective online marketing campaign or computer programming project is greatly determined by the cooperative effort involving both the client and the service provider. It is a highly collaborative effort requiring active and timely contributions from both. We both share a number of key responsibilities to ensure your success during this process. Typically, the more closely we work together, the better the outcome.

In response to the fast-paced changes and opportunities within modern digital web design, online technologies and promotional marketing practices, including the constant evolution and upgrading of many of the tools that we use to support you and your business on a day-to-day basis, our policies and service conditions may change from time to time. We encourage our clients to frequently return and to refer to this page so that you may stay abreast of these changes. You may also receive occasional email notices or “tweets” from our company’s Twitter feed to help you posted along the way (You may opt-out of these communication channels at any time).

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Here are our service conditions and policies:

Invoicing & Payments.

CC Communications sends invoices electronically via email. You may also request to receive a duplicate printed invoice via US mail. Payment due dates are clearly listed on each invoice. Electronic invoices include an embedded link where you may process your payment securely directly online using a major credit card. Written check payments may be also be hand delivered or mailed to our Charlotte Design Center location:

Unless otherwise stated under this agreement, late payments will be assessed a late fee of not less than $25.00 and up to an amount equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the total amount due per month for all amounts not received by CCC after thirty (30) days past the invoice due date. In the event of late payment or nonpayment of the total invoice amount, CCC may withhold Internet consultation and management services from the Client and restrict Client access to the Internet content held or hosted by CCC until such overdue payments and related late fees are received in full. Also in the event of late payment or nonpayment of the invoice amount, the Client is liable for any and all additional fees and expenses incurred by CCC in its attempts to collect the amounts owed. Additional Internet consulting and management services may be provided by CCC to the Client, at the Client’s request, at the rate of $36.25 per quarter hour. This agreement does not cover reasonable travel-related expenses, rental or purchase of hardware, and any third-party fees or costs that might apply.

Client Delay, Cancellation & Term of Service.

In the event of Client cancellation or postponement of this agreement, all initial Internet consulting and management services fees shall be immediately due and payable to CCC. The Client further agrees to pay “in full” any and all other previously scheduled additional, unavoidable project expenses incurred by CCC despite the good faith efforts of CCC to attempt to cancel any previous arrangements it has made with vendors, subcontractors or others who will supply products or services required under this agreement.

To conserve costs, the scope of work within your customized service plan has been budgeted to be completed within a maximum number of consecutive weeks. The specific duration of your project is defined within your personalized service plan document. In the event that work on the project stalls and becomes idle due specifically to a Client caused delay, and if such delay extends work on the project beyond the tentative project “delivery date” that is described in your agreement, it is understood and agreed that an additional minimum weekly project management service fee in the amount of $145.00 per week shall be assessed by CCC and shall be due and payable by the Client upon CCC request.

Unless otherwise noted on your service agreement, your initial contract with CCC will cover a minimum term of eighteen (18) consecutive months. Thereafter, your service agreement will be renewed in six (6) increments, unless you choose to discontinue your service by providing CCC with a service cancellation request at least 30-days prior to the current term end date.

In the event that the Internet production and management services require temporary installation and/or additional web-hosting support to be provided by CCC for a period of more than ninety consecutive days (90-days) on the Client’s behalf, the Client agrees to purchase additional monthly Internet web-hosting and technical monitoring services thereafter, at the client’s predetermined monthly Internet service rate.

Our written service contract along with any applicable addendums will form the entire agreement between our two parties, superseding all prior agreements or discussions, oral or written. Any amendment to this agreement must be in writing, signed by the parties. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

Scope of Work.

The Client and CCC agree to meet all other obligations as specified under the Client’s individual written service plan proposal, referred to as “Addendum A. Service Proposal.”

Assurance of Confidentiality.

Both CCC and the Client agree that each will be privy to certain confidential or proprietary information of the other that each shall disclose for the purpose of implementing this agreement. Confidential or proprietary information belonging to the Client shall include but is not limited to any and all identifying information on customers, customer file data or product service usage data as well as all information relating to the strategies and operation of Client. Confidential or proprietary information of CCC shall also include Internet documents, consulting procedures, CCC proprietary software and computer programming, rates, marketing activities and techniques of subcontractors and other project related data. The parties agree that such information will be disclosed only to their employees or agents who have a legitimate need to know, and such employees shall hold all such information in strictest confidence, disclosing such information to others only upon the express written permission of the other party. This Confidentiality provision shall remain in full force both during and after the performance of the services described in this agreement. This agreement and all related addenda, proposals and attachments contain competitive information of a propriety and confidential nature. Neither this agreement nor its contents may be disclosed by the Client or CCC to other third parties without the prior written consent of the other party.

Mutual Responsibilities.

To conserve costs, we request that our Clients provide timely materials, quick and comprehensive feedback, and other cooperative interaction throughout the development of the project to assist CCC in the process of efficiently completing work and delivering the services as scheduled. Delays in this regard may delay completion and can significantly increase the labor and material costs that are needed to produce the project on your behalf. If this situation occurs, CCC will report resulting added costs to client as quickly and as accurately as possible. To avoid unbudgeted add-on expenses that would be passed along to the Client, we ask that you deliver materials as scheduled and provide CCC with prompt incremental feedback within three (3) business days following submission for approval throughout various stages of the project, unless otherwise noted on your service agreement.

Both parties are fully responsible for and reserve the right to all text, images, email lists, customer information and raw data content that it contributes to the consulting Internet program. Both CCC and the Client represent and warrant that it owns or has obtained the rights (including trademark and copyright rights), licenses and permissions to use all information, materials and applications that it provides for the project. CCC further represents and warrants that in performing the services hereunder, (a) the services will not knowingly be in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation; and (c) CCC is the lawful owner or licensee of all programs or such programs are public domain, if any used in the performance of the services contemplated hereunder and CCC has the right to grant the Client the rights provided hereunder. Both parties agree to defend, indemnify the other party from and against all losses, damages, cost and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any breach of the foregoing representations and warranties. In the unlikely event of a third-party claim regarding content or software ownership, CCC and the Client both agree to provide written notice to the other with 10 days of receiving notice of any claim and that both parties will cooperate with the defense of such claim, and that neither party will not settle any claim until it has received the prior written authorization of the other party.

CCC shall maintain such Internet account following accepted HTTP 1.1 compliance standards and utilizes the Bootstrap v3.3.7 HTML, CSS and JS framework for web design. Programming produced by CCC for the Client under this agreement is designed to operate on the current stable releases of the following desktop browsers when originally created: Chrome (Mac & PC), Firefox (Mac & PC), Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge (PC), Opera (Mac & PC), and Safari (Mac). Programming produced by CCC for the Client under this agreement is designed to operate on the current stable releases of the following mobile device browsers when originally created: Chrome (iOS & Android), Firefox (iOS & Android), and Safari (iOS). Alternative browsers which use the latest version of WebKit, Blink, or Gecko, whether directly or via the platform’s web view API, and proxy browsers (such as Opera Mini, Opera Mobile’s Turbo mode, UC Browser Mini, Amazon Silk) are not explicitly supported. It should be noted that 3rd party software and APIs, and some instances of custom web programming may not fully function properly within view by certain desktop and mobile device browsers, and such programming is not guaranteed to operate properly within other electronic platforms, tablets, mobile web enabled devices or other Internet delivery environments, unless otherwise specified in writing within the service agreement in advance by CCC. It is also understood that all programming or software produced or provided by CCC may require periodic maintenance, updates, upgrades or replacement over time, and that these services may be provided by CCC at an additional cost upon request. Further, CCC is not responsible for the performance or support of any 3rd party software or third-party online web service that may be provided or utilized under this agreement.

Upon final completion of this agreement and full payment by the Client under the terms of this agreement, the Client will retain the rights to all content (including text, Client-supplied graphic images and completed web-ready graphic images created by CCC expressly for the Client) and the Client will retain the right to use a copy of all custom programming and related data created by CCC for the project for its own purposes. An electronic copy of all content and custom programming (unless owned by a third party) will be provided and delivered electronically by CCC to the Client upon request, at the rate of $36.25 per quarter hour.

The Client further agrees that it will not directly hire an employee, subcontract laborer, agent or assign of CCC for a period of one year following the completion of this agreement, without advance written permission from CCC. CCC also agrees that it will not directly hire an employee of the Client’s without written permission for the same one-year period.

Promotion & Acknowledgement.

Upon successful conclusion of the project, CCC will produce and distribute a co-branded media release promoting the client and describing the project. CCC may also submit the completed program for award and industry recognition at its discretion, as long as no confidential Client information is disclosed. Unless specified otherwise in the written service agreement, CCC will receive an onscreen visual acknowledgement and link appearing within completed Internet programs, email messages and other forms of content delivery that it provides and/or hosts.


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