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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Space-Ray is an international manufacturer of infrared heaters serving clients from across a variety of industries. Our mission was not only to update the design of the website, but also to help update the Space-Ray brand.

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The client’s existing website was a hard-working lead generator driven by strong content development and relatively weak competition in search engine results.

The client wanted guarantees that they wouldn’t lose too much SEO equity during the move to the new website.

Using our SEO tools we determined the existing website had poor SEO health. We knew with strategic optimization there was plenty of opportunity for improvement. Upon launch of their newly designed and optimized site, we saw a vast improvement in their SEO health and knew they could expect better organic search placement as a result.

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A responsive modern design and a clear audience focused brand


  • SEO Health Score (81%) up 20% immediately upon launch
  • All 301 Redirects in place and working at launch
  • Website traffic up 15% in the first 30 days
  • Time on the site up 10% in the first 30 days
  • Lead conversions monthly at an all-time high


Utilizing responsive design and new branding we ensured a site that looks great across all devices including phone, tablet, and desktop. It also presents well across all browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. That’s right. Internet Explorer! Up to 20% of their customers are on IE, and we couldn’t leave them without support.

The end result is a website where visitors have clear navigational control to find the content relevant to their needs, and the site as a whole is responsive, fast loading and SEO friendly. As a bonus to Space-Ray, the “request information” forms are dynamically routed to the appropriate sales rep according to the zip/postal code entered on the form. Also, website visitors are informed about their product options, and are communicating with a local rep as soon as they’re ready to learn more.

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Together with CC Communications, Space-Ray’s executive team brainstormed during several brand development meetings and agreed that the best way to showcase their large selection of inventory was by having each customer identify their needs by the type of space they needed to heat. This “My Space” approach to the product navigation provided a solution to their website’s navigational challenges.

A new online branding campaign was crafted to coincide with the new website launch and My Space navigation called “We Know Heat.” This was designed to inform customers that Space-Ray was a partner that knew about space heating, specific to the customer’s unique business environment, and that their team understood the short and long-term challenges the customer faced, and could provide a solution.


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