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How Retargeting Reinforces Your Advertising Efforts

Retargeting, sometimes also known as remarketing, is a method of focusing your marketing efforts on those who have already shown an interest in your product or service. At a simple level this can be someone who has downloaded free information from your website, for example, or signed up to receive further information about a product, but failed to make a purchase.

A more sophisticated form of retargeting is through cookies. These are small pieces of code placed in a person’s browser when they visit your website. This code can then be used to trigger the placement of specific ads on certain websites that display advertising. To make this happen it’s necessary to utilize an ad network such as AdWords.

You may have experienced this type of marketing yourself. If, for example, you spent some time looking for a particular product in various retail websites, you may have noticed immediately after seeing an advert for that product, or a similar product, popping up on a number of other websites or social media sites you subsequently visited. This is retargeting in action.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Retargeting helps remind a potential customer of your product or service by keeping it top of mind. This type of follow up, if done correctly, is subtle, but very persuasive. You know they’re interested in the product, but not quite convinced to make a purchase. Retargeting keeps the idea of purchasing gently simmering, until they make the decision to buy.

The benefits of retargeting are many. They include, maximizing the customer’s lifetime value, increasing the conversion rate, increasing your marketing reach, enabling a high degree of precision targeting, keeping marketing costs down to a minimum, and promoting brand awareness.

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